Friday, July 15, 2011

Blog Mission

At StrikeHard Gear we realize that not everyone who purchases a new firearm is an experienced marksman skilled in the tactical use of weaponary and sporting the latest in modular tactical gear. Everyone has to start somewhere and to that end we are working on a series of articles to help the owner's of rifles such as the AK 47, SKS, Mosin Nagant and Dragunov/PSL make informed decisions when they buy tactical gear.

Owning a rifle and dedicating yourself to learning how to use it for sport or self defense can be a daunting task but its a satisfying skillset to learn and a fun hobby. Over time we intend to expand the subject area into the basics that every gun owner should know including: safety, care and maintenance, basic marksmanship and sighting in your rifle as it pertains to the above mentioned rifles.

Don't forget to stop by the store and see our latest modular tactical gear offerings for the civilian tactical shooter.


  1. Yes that is true that not everyone is well knowledgeable in using firearms. In fact, some people just buy for protection although they are not really experts in using firearms. As long as they can shoot, it would be a contentment.

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