Saturday, September 10, 2011

AK 47 and SKS Sling handling

Chances are you aren't going to be walking around most of the time with your weapon up and at the ready. In fact it cased or carried slung most of the time except when you're in the action. The ability to move your weapon from the slung position into a ready position is an important skill that can quickly and easily be ingrained into muscle memory and tapped into reflexively.

Below is a great sling handling video that shows another tactical civilian perfecting his skills. Drills such as this are a nice way to break-up the boredom between range visits. In fact between this and the other demonstration of immediate action drills you could develop your own "weapon kata" and maximize training time.

As the SKS is set-up in a similiar fashion to the AK-47, with a little modification you can apply these techniques to your Simonov.